Anita Kaufmann is working as a professional freelance artist since 2003. After six successful years with a great number of national and international sales (New York City, Taipeh, Berlin, London, Amsterdam, Munich, Auckland, Chicago etc.) she decided in 2009 to change her life and moved on a sailing yacht with her husband and two kids. An incredible journey began: 6 years, 30.000 nm / 55.000 km, 28 countries. Since 2016 she is living and working in her studio in Regensburg/Germany on an island in the river Danube.


Galerie Saatchi, Los Angeles / USA – weltweit

Galerie Carré d’artistes, Frankreich

Eclectic Gallery, Portobello Road, London / UK

Mahoney’s Gallery – Melbourne / AUS

Born in Munich / Bavaria, Anita Kaufmann first followed her love for painting alongside a successful career as a business woman in the banking sector. It was only in 2003, after having started selling her pictures successfully, that she worked full-time as a professional freelance artist. Six very successful years followed, her period of abstract painting from 2003 – 2009. „This was a very hectic part of my life“, Anita comments, „with my vibrant colours and the smooth brushstrokes I wanted to induce a quiet mental stillness in the viewer inviting him or her to interpret each piece in his or her own unique way“. Beside the national success, many of her abstract paintings are hanging with collectors all over the world (New York City, Taipeh, St. Moritz, London, Amsterdam, Munich, Auckland, Chicago, Berlin, etc.). With the success came the pressure (higher, further, faster) and Anita decided in 2009 to have a break, to change her life, and to sail around the world on a small sailing yacht only with her husband and her two kids. An incredible journey began: over 35.000 nautical miles sailed, hundreds of amazing, fascinating and unique people met, over 30 countries visited, 6 years travelling the world on a sail boat. Hurricanes, Thunderstorms, gigantic waves, the Atlantic crossing, the almost incomprehensible size of the Pacific, weeks with no land in sight, isolated islands… but also vibrant cities like Barcelona, Sydney, Panama City and New York, where she anchored for weeks beside the Statue of Liberty in front of the skyline of Manhattan. Spending one and a half year in French-Polynesia familiarising with the Polynesian culture: Dont rush, take your time, live the moment. While sailing Anita continued painting, even big formats, which means quite a challenge on a sailing boat. After celebrating the last New Years Eve on board with many new Australian friends, 2014/15 in front of the Harbour Bridge of Sydney, Anita returned „home“ and chose to live and paint on an island in the middle of the River Danube near the old town of Regensburg. Inspired by the different cultures and people she met, her work changed from abstract art to human faces. Anita Kaufmann: „During the years on the sea I had the chance to study so many different cultures, learning their way of living and the luck to make friendship with so many different people. I feel it just natural, maybe ineluctable, that my paintings changed from abstract art to human faces. The prevailing theme of her work became the intense artistic exploration of painting the human face. But the work on the canvas is only one part of the creative process. The artistic process begins long before, finding the right model. I find my models everywhere: downtown on the street, in parks or public places, but also in the tube, in magazines or social media. There is no real criteria why I choose a particular model: the only important factor is that I must be touched by the expression of the model. Often it’s in the eyes, something you cannot resist to look at. Even if I am using the picture of the model just as a rough idea, it is the expression of the face which dictates me in which direction the painting is evolving. Creating my artworks is a kind of evolution process: for ex. a woman’s face can change into a male or the other way round. Sometimes you can’t recognise the model in the final painting anymore, but definitely they share the same strength of character. I try to express the feelings, thoughts, the fear and fury of my models at a close range. This creates an intimacy between the spectator and the painting…

Arrival in Sydney after 6 years, 30.000 sm, 28 countries

Cutting the canvas… MOOREA – FRENCH POLYNESIA

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