Anita Kaufmann is a renowned artist known for her bold, captivating abstract paintings. She embarked on her artistic career in 2003 and quickly gained recognition for her distinctive style and unique vision.

Anita‘s early work was characterized by bright, colorful abstract compositions that exuded a joyful energy and spontaneity. She quickly built a following of collectors and admirers from around the world who were drawn to her bold use of color and expressive brushstrokes.

However, in 2009, Anita decided to take a break from her successful career and set out on a sailing adventure with her family. During her travels, she began to experiment with portraiture, drawing inspiration from the people she met on her journey.

When she returned to Germany, Anita resumed her career as a freelance artist and continued to explore new styles and techniques.  She found that her experiences on the sea had influenced her work, leading her to experiment with new forms and subject matter and soon she became a bestselling artist in the art online market.

Today,  Anita Kaufmann is known for her large-scale black and white abstract works that combine a sense of boldness and delicacy. Her paintings are characterized by their intricate, textured surfaces and dramatic interplay of light and shadow.  

Anita’s work has been exhibited in galleries and artfairs and her work is held in private collections around the world.


Royal Academy of Art – London

Aqua Art – Miami

Discovery Art Fair – Frankfurt

Eclectic Gallery – London

Van Gogh Gallery – Madrid

Art Galleries:

Eclectic Gallery London – UK
VanGogh Gallery Madrid – ESP
Mahoney’s Art Gallery Melbourne – AUS


Arrival in Sydney after 6 years, 30.000 sm, 28 countries

Cutting the canvas… MOOREA – FRENCH POLYNESIA

PH Kunstatelierseite2


Studio in Regensburg – Germany

Royal Academy of Arts – London Exhibition Eco Visionairies