The „Terra Mystica“ art series is a collection of large-scale artworks that captivate the viewer with their texture, abstract nature, and minimalist aesthetic. Each piece in the series offers a unique exploration of the concept of earthly mysteries, inviting the viewer to immerse themselves in a world of visual tranquility and contemplation.

The textures within the artworks play a crucial role in their visual impact. The artist employs various techniques to create tactile surfaces, such as layering thick paint, incorporating mixed media elements, or utilizing unconventional materials. These textures add depth and complexity to the minimalist compositions, engaging the viewer’s senses and inviting them to explore the artwork’s surface with their eyes and fingertips.

Terra Mystica no. 2423 200 x 200 cm

Terra Mystica no. 5722 150 x 200 cm
Terra Mystica no. 6621 -2 70 x 100 cm
SOLD No. 18720 100 x 150 cm

Terra Mystica no. 6621 -1 70 x 100 cm
No. 3023 80 x 150 cm
No. 6621 70 x 200 cm
SOLD No. 3822 70 x 200 cm
No. 1923 -1 70 x 100 cm
No. 321 80 x 100 cm
No. 6622 70 x 200 cm